[Mono-dev] Unite 2014 - IL2CPP: The next generation of scripting in Unity

Andres G. Aragoneses knocte at gmail.com
Wed Aug 27 15:51:01 UTC 2014

On 27/08/14 08:07, Bob Summerwill wrote:
> Video of the session on Unity's work-in-progress IL2PP technology:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bfa9ILwlsFw
> And see also
> http://blogs.unity3d.com/2014/05/20/the-future-of-scripting-in-unity/
> This is their alternative to signing a new licensing deal...

Mono is open source, IL2CPP is not.

So I'm guessing you mean "an alternative licensing deal"... ;)

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