[Mono-dev] Announcing "Mono for Sailfish"

Bob Summerwill bob at summerwill.net
Thu Aug 21 21:13:57 UTC 2014


I'm happy to announce that development on Mono for Sailfish is underway (
http://monoforsailfish.com).    This is a continuation of MonoTizen (
http://monotizen.com), on which development has been suspended because the
Tizen project is broken (see

Dimitar Dobrev, the author of https://github.com/ddobrev/QtSharp has been
upstreaming bug-fixes (and addressing newly discovered issues in) to
http://github.com/mono/CppSharp.    He'll be building the bindings, and
will probably end up doing the Mono Runtime port as well, based on the
fantastic job which Damien Diederen did for the Tizen Mono Runtime.

Bob Summerwill, Kitsilano Software
http://bobsummerwill.com | http://kitsilanosoftware.com |

bob at summerwill.net
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