[Mono-dev] Building Roslyn on OS X

Jeff Kilpatrick jkilpatrick at tableausoftware.com
Wed Aug 13 17:48:38 UTC 2014

Thanks, Marek.

> You've mostly done it. We have a bug in xbuild which causes this on second build. Clean all intermediate obj folders and run xbuild again.

Unfortunately, that didn’t do it for me. I tried a few different cleaning options, but I’m still getting the same error:

(*) rm -fr Binaries && xbuild …
(*) rm Binaries/Debug/Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.* && xbuild … # This is the assembly containing the internal classes we’re trying to access; Release configs have the same issue
(*) xbuild /target:clean Src/Compilers/CSharp/csc/csc.csproj && xbuild …

Any other ideas or corrections to the cleaning steps?


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