[Mono-dev] Mono C++/CLI lib

Bruno Lauze brunolauze at msn.com
Mon Aug 4 14:18:24 UTC 2014


I've written a start to produce C++ api for mono assemblies.

You  can have a look at the code at https://github.com/brunolauze/MonoNative

Here's an example:

using namespace mscorlib::System; 
using namespace mscorlib::System::Collections::Generic;

var *list = new List<String>();
int count = list->Count;
if (count == 0) 
	Console::WriteLine("Added TEST String"); 
count = list->Count;
if (count == 0) { 
	Console::WriteLine("Clear done"); 

Of course there's probably a lot of issues right now. But I see improving
the Generator have a seemless .NET framework in C++.

Please let me know your opinions on this, 


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