[Mono-dev] DynamicModuleHelper and HttpApplication RegisterModule methods

Martin Thwaites monoforum at my2cents.co.uk
Wed Apr 23 18:56:15 UTC 2014

First, I'm not asking for something to be implemented, I'm asking for help
implementing it as I think there will be more and I'm endeavoring to
implement them all if possible.

I'm having a play with trying to get the MVC5 boilerplate working on mono
and one of the libraries (Microsoft.Owin) uses the new
HttpApplication.RegisterModule method, which is not yet present in the
current master branch.

Looking at the descriptions on MSDN, there is very little information on
what it's supposed to do, but it looks like it just does the same as the
method DynamicModuleHelper.RegisterModule... in that it just registers a
module at runtime, in memory.

So, in light of the above, I have a few questions.
1. Would a pull be accepted if it just copies the implementation from the
Microsoft.Web.Infrastructure class in the current mono codebase?  Given
that the new method is in the HttpApplication class, I would say that it's
a valid assumption that it's only Web modules that can be added.
2. If I'm just copying the implementation into System.Web, would it be
advisable to edit the Microsoft.Web.Infrastructure class to just forward
through to System.Web?
3. What, if any, tests should be created (I'm used to working in an
environment with interfaces that could be mocked with Moq).  I could do
with some information on how to do this, in terms of possibly some examples
that are considered good, and locations in the current codebase.
4. Given that this is only available in .NET 4.5, is there some way I
should stop it from being accessible on .NET 4.0 (if so, how)? I'm not sure
there is an issue with leaving it available on .NET 4.0 other than the mono
version has more methods than .NET...


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