[Mono-dev] Help with xsp

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Wed Sep 18 09:08:50 UTC 2013


On 18.09.2013 00:19, Neale Ferguson wrote:
> I had a webservice that was working fine. I duplicated a routine - same name
> but with different parameters which requires the MessageName attribute. So
> for the duplicated routine which originally just had:
>                  [WebMethod (Description="Process VMARCH QUERY TAPES ALL
> command")]
> I changed it to
>                  [WebMethod (Description="Process VMARCH QUERY TAPES ALL
> command",
>                              MessageName="vmaQryTapesAll")]
> Pointed browser to: http://localhost:9000/webservice.asmx and now get:
> System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException
> Argument is out of range.
> Is there some way to get more informative messages from xsp to get it to
> tell me exactly what it's choking on? I can invoke the webmethods directly
> on the browser but it's just this bit that is giving me grief.

The Web Service overview and test page is generated by
where x.x is the .NET version.

It looks like the exception is thrown when Page_Load of this
ASPX page is invoking WebServicesInteroperability.CheckConformance.

That's where I would start looking for issue with overloaded
WebMethods following back the stack trace.

Try to get line numbers with

MONO_OPTIONS=--debug xsp ...


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