[Mono-dev] Error Building Mono RPM for Fedora

mlgo mlintner at sinenomine.net
Tue Sep 3 20:10:17 UTC 2013

Did the spec file let you completer the package build? 

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On 03.09.2013 06:17, mlgo wrote:

Why are you putting my name in parenthesis in the subject line of this post?

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I think because of this. You can find this in the appendix of mikkels post

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I believe that there are bugs in the makefiles way down where sgen gets built, specifically the way softlinks are handled that relate to this but also a few other problems. There are fixes that were recently applied to the trunk that fix it. I would have thought 3.3 would have the fixes but I guess not. I was trying to build 3.2.1 and became stuck at the problem you describe. When I obtained the latest mono from git that problem did not happen. There are a couple of more packages that mono is dependent on which were a problem for me also maybe you have that resolved.  I tried to backport the fixes from the master to 3.2.1 but there was too much and I could not get it to work and I wouldn't recommend that. I would move to mono from git or wait for the next tarball to be released and you should be good.

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