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Colin MacKenzie cfm at colinmackenzie.net
Tue May 21 18:26:23 UTC 2013

Hi Matt,

I just tried 2 months ago to get it compiled on Solaris 10. I had a very difficult time even though I am pretty used to compiling my own packages. Testing new builds on Sol10 just doesn't seem a priority and I had to deal with mutually exclusive builds, a lot of out of date info on the net, etc. Dependencies were a big issue too. I ended up running out of time and building my project on CentOS but I feel like I was very close to getting it working. I had all dependencies compiled and down to only Mono errors.

I document everything I do in Evernote. Here is the link to my Solaris 10 Mono builds. It should help you out a lot.

Good luck! And if you are successful definitely let me know.

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Does anyone still maintain support for Mono on Solaris, specifically for SPARC?

There are no Solaris packages on the download page for 3.x and the Solaris SPARC package for 2.10.5 is missing the .NET 4.0 class libraries.

- Matt

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