[Mono-dev] Processing XML atomic values in XML Schema

Tobias Kiertscher dev at mastersign.de
Tue May 21 11:52:10 UTC 2013


I tried to run code with XML schema based validation on mono 2.10.8 and
3.0.10 that works fine on mono 2.6.7. But the processing of atomic
datatypes like (unsignedInt, duration, gYear, hexBinary, anyURI, ...)
seems to be broken after 2.6.7. And the datatype gMonth seems to be
buggy in all versions.

The code to verify the behavior is:

The output for mono 2.6.7, 2.10.8, 3.0.10 and MS .NET 3.5 is:

Please give me feedback if you can verify the bug. In my opinion this
issue renders the XML schema support unusable for now.

Best regards,
Tobias Kiertscher <dev at mastersign.de>

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