[Mono-dev] Bug in Mono with PKCS12 Certificates?

Munawar Bijani munawarb at gmail.com
Sun May 12 01:34:03 UTC 2013

Hi Everyone,
I have a crt file and key file which I’ve merged into a pkcs12 file using OpenSSL on Linux. When I load this file into the X509Certificate2 object, I get an error: Unabel to decode certificate. I’m loading the certificate using the X509Certificate2.Import(String) method provided in .NET.

The interesting thing is, when I issue:
X509Certificate2.GetCertContentType(“server.p12”);, the output is correct: PKCS12.

I’m on Debian with Mono 2.0.67 I think is the build. Is this a problem with Mono or am I doing something incorrect when importing my PKCS12 certificate? Thanks much!
munawarb at gmail.com
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