[Mono-dev] UTF8 encoding/decoding

Gerardo García Peña killabytenow at gmail.com
Sat May 4 23:35:21 UTC 2013

The problem with my tests is that they are written for comparing its output
against the output of an existing reference runtime (in this moment ms-net).

> You could probably save the output from MS.NET into a file and add that
> file to the unit test project. Then your test would just need to get the
> output from Mono and compare it to the expected output.

Hi Daniel,

yes, my first idea was to build the test case based on the output of the
MS.NET implementation in a programmatic way, in other words, build the
nunit test automatically on a .NET platform saving in the generated code
itself the expected results of the tests. The only problem is that one of
my test has a very huge input & output (UTF16), so it is not a good idea to
save it all... so I was thinking of picking the most representative limit
cases and not using the whole input.

BTW I cannot work this coming week, so I will start the conversion of the
test as soon I'm back :D

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