[Mono-dev] NetworkStream.Read() bug?

Jonathan Shore jonathan.shore at gmail.com
Tue Mar 12 23:56:22 UTC 2013


I have an application that uses a NetworkStream on a Socket and has a loop vaguely like (I am decomposing more abstract calls here):

while (some condition)
	var n = stream.Read (buffer, 0, len);
	<do something with buffer>

The odd thing is that sometimes Read() returns 0, even when the stream is clearly not closed.  I verified this by looping until n > 0 in a reproducable situation.   This is on a synchronous socket, so returning 0 should only happen when we hit the end of stream.

I have not set the stream to be non-blocking and this is a synchronous operation.  Is there any reason why I should ever get 0 back aside from connection closure / loss?   

Note that I am using 3.0.2 on OSX.  [ 3.0.3 and up has a bug in Socket_2_1.cs which I posted (and posted a patch) 3 months ago.   I cannot upgrade my mono runtime until that is fixed.   Bug 9520 BTW: ]

Thanks for any pointers
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