[Mono-dev] ObservableCollection and BindingList Serialization

David Schmitt david at dasz.at
Tue Mar 12 11:08:42 UTC 2013

On 12.03.2013 10:47, Robert Jordan wrote:
>>   In addition, Windows serializes a variable name _busyCount whereas Mono
>> defines _count.
>>   Also, I note that BindingList serialization on Mono has different and
>> missing variable names compared to the .NET equivalent. For example,
>> allow_new is allowNew in .NET. In addition, do those serialized variables
>> need to be public or should they be declared as private?
> They must have the same visibility as in MS.NET.
> Usually, when a class does not implement ISerializable, Mono's
> implementation must be changed to match MS down to member naming.
> It's a tedious work given that we don't look at MS' source code...

Shouldn't it be possible to extract "clean room" serialization 
descriptors from the MS implementation without having to look at the source?

Extracting that into some kind of stable text format then would enable 
automated comparisons, no?

Best Regards, David

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