[Mono-dev] creating a simple package for usage with MonoDevelop

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Fri Mar 1 10:03:14 UTC 2013


I have pretty dummy question and don't know where to ask :)

I'm trying to create own package and use it in my other projects. I create
a library project, generate Makefiles for my project and emitted "make" and
"make install". I've got my dll-s installed into ../lib and .pc installed
into ../lib/pkgconfig. And here comes the problem. MonoDevelop refuses to
list my own package in "references" dialog. I only can use my library from
".NET Assembly" tab but not the packages tab. In that case MD stores the
relative location to the dll in HintPath of the reference and do not use
pkg-config to resolve the reference. Thus I cannot complile my projects on
a different machine or from different path...

I also installed the library using gacutil. Still MD does not find my

How does MD search for packages? How can I create package MD will list
within "Packages" tab of "references" dialog?

Thank you in advice,
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