[Mono-dev] Status of HttpContext.AcceptWebSocketRequest ?

quandary quandary82 at hailmail.net
Mon Jun 24 04:50:27 UTC 2013


I was playing around with a very simple example of a MVC4 web sockets  
echo & chat application.

I was surprised that almost everything web-socket is implemented.
I got the runtime-error HttpApplication.GetType() not implemented, which 
I think is so easy I can fix it myself.

But then there were two more problems at compile time:
System.Web.dll: HttpContext --> IsWebSocketRequest - not implemented
which seems to be a formality

and a bit more complex problem:
System.Web.dll: HttpContext --> AcceptWebSocketRequest - not implemented

My understanding is that AcceptWebSocketRequest reaches into the IIS8 
process and passes the user-defined callback function to IIS, and doing 
a few checks, like throwing an exception if the pipeline-mode is not 
integrated mode.

So here my question:
Are you going to implement AcceptWebSocketRequest in mono, or is that 
left-out on purpose ?

Because I'd think it's rather difficult to implement this with a 
variable backend, like xsp, nginx + fastcgi or Apache + mod_mono, IIS on 
Windows, etc.


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