[Mono-dev] Creating classes from referenced assemblies in embedded Mono

jonathan at mugginsoft.com jonathan at mugginsoft.com
Mon Jun 17 19:54:49 UTC 2013


I embed an existing executable console assembly A.exe in my host OS X app.
A.exe references library assembly B.dll.
I can load and initialise the embedded A.exe without issue.

What is the best way for the host app to create instances of classes that reside in B.dll?

You might ask, well why not just load assembly B.dll in the first place?
Classes in B depend on configuration information (data providers etc) that are loaded in app.config.

I thought that providing a B.config.dll would provide a way forward but perhaps not:
see http://stackoverflow.com/questions/594298/c-sharp-dll-config-file

I could, I suppose, provide explicit methods in A.exe to provide instances of classes in B.dll but that seems primitive.

Or perhaps I need to load B.dll and configure the AppDomain config file separately?

Any pointers appreciated.


Jonathan Mitchell
Mugginsoft LLP

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