[Mono-dev] Afallon: open source WPF implementation

Jonathan Lima greenboxal at gmail.com
Thu Jun 13 19:41:21 UTC 2013

In my view, WPF is the most complex and powerful UI system ever created(the
layout and the composing system are amazing) and I really need an
opensource implementation of the Presentation Framework to use it on other
platforms and to have more control about it(rendering it into an OpenGL
window maybe).

I know that this will be a long road and that maybe it would never be 100%
complete, but I'm starting to develop Afallon(it's another way to write
Avalon :D), an opensource implementation of the current version of WPF.

I'll develop it aiming in a good platform abstraction and a good

I already have a good base done, I think.
Now I want to ask: Is there someone that would want to help in the
development? It's a fairly large project and I need all help possible x.x

Thanks for your time,
Jonathan Lima
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