[Mono-dev] MonoListWrapper WIP - code review/feedback

rfine at tbrf.net rfine at tbrf.net
Sat Jul 20 09:21:59 UTC 2013

Hi Bartosz,

On 2013-07-19 04:56, Bartosz Przygoda wrote:
> Hi,
> Perfect timing, as only yesterday I was wondering how to elegantly
> handle List<T> from within the native, as I never worked with anything
> generic before.
>  A question, any particular reason you've put it in mono clone? I'd
> like to fetch the sources, preferably in a form that would allow me
> easy sync or even some pull requests, but it's not feasible in this
> setup...

Sorry, I'm a bit new to github best-practices and etiquette...

I cloned mono because I wanted to pitch this for inclusion upstream 
once it's done - it seemed natural to me that the mono repo itself would 
include any 'embedder's toolkit' type things, and the internals-futzing 
nature of the wrapper also makes it feel like it ought to be kept close 
to the runtime. So I figured I needed to have the whole repo so I can 
(eventually) do stuff like make sure it's in the right folder, has build 
scripts, etc.

If there's a better way to set things up for this (or someone can 
persuade me that it'll never be accepted upstream), while still allowing 
you to easily use it right now, I'm all ears.

- Richard

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