[Mono-dev] Building Mod_mono from Git

Martin Thwaites martin at my2cents.co.uk
Thu Jul 11 21:18:33 UTC 2013

Can anyone tell me if the mod_mono on github is supposed to working with

To be a bit clearer, I've always run mono with the packages for ubuntu, but
wanted to try out 3.0 so I've set about building from source.  the current
sources all build perfectly fine, however, there appears to be some
problems running it.

The mono installation works fine, but the issue is that mod-mono-server is
failing to start when triggered from apache.  I've done a little debugging
and it seems that the following commandline is not working at all.

/usr/bin/mod-mono-server4 --filename="/tmp/mod_mono_server_test"

Looking at the apache logs, this looks like the commandline that is being
passed in, so I ran it in terminal, with the same user and got the
following error.

Handling exception type ArgumentException
Message is Should be something like [[hostname:]port:]VPath:realpath
IsTerminating is set to True
System.ArgumentException: Should be something like
 at Mono.WebServer.ApplicationServer.AddApplicationsFromCommandLine
(System.String applications) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
 at (wrapper remoting-invoke-with-check)
Mono.WebServer.ApplicationServer:AddApplicationsFromCommandLine (string)
 at Mono.WebServer.Apache.Server.Rea

I did a little delving into the code to add some debugging, and in the
Mono.WebServer.ApplicationServer.AddApplicationsFromCommandLine method, the
string that's passed in just contains "applications", not the string passed
in on the commandline.  I'm thinking that this could be the issue, but I'm
not sure.

Can anyone a bit more knowledge on the XSP package shed some light on this?

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