[Mono-dev] issue during compile libmono in visual studio c++ 2010

Jean-Michel.Perraud at csiro.au Jean-Michel.Perraud at csiro.au
Tue Jan 29 23:39:48 UTC 2013


The compilation instructions (on the web site and in the msvc README) are a bit outdated, but this is relatively easy to figure out.
I can compile libmono and its dependencies with minimal changes to a recent git clone. I used VS2012 but I don't think VS2010 would be a very different story. I may try to give it a try with VSC++ express 2010 later on and will let you know.
The only notable thing I needed to modify is to remove a small '#ifdef MONOTOUCH' conditional compilation in /mono/mini/aot-runtime.c. It looked perfectly correct, and certainly is for the cygwin based build, but tripped the VS VC++ tools.
You should not need a 'semaphore.h' on a windows platform; so far as I can see its inclusion is conditioned on '#if defined(HAVE_SEMAPHORE_H) && !defined(HOST_WIN32)', and that is evaluated to false.
Hope this helps.


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      I want to compile libmono in vs2010.
      I follow the instuction on http://www.mono-project.com/Compiling_Mono_VSNET,and I know I only need to build eglib,libgc ,genmdesc and libmono.
      I faced the issue that semaphore.h can't be found, and I search and find there is semaphore.h in C:\cygwin\usr\include, and I include it then complie, the result is that causes more errors(most of that are about grammar).
      Can you help me to solve that?
      mono is very importance to me,(and I are using it to all my project , including android,ios) thank you very much!

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