[Mono-dev] PowerShell 3.0 on Mono

Bruno Lauzé brunolauze at msn.com
Tue Jan 29 21:51:05 UTC 2013


I want to share with you the complete PowerShell 3.0 recompiled for Mono.

Code base: https://github.com/brunolauze/pash
Screenshots : http://sdrv.ms/WYQaPX

Here's what the project includes so far:
PowerShell console driven by a modified getline.csPowerShell Language, DLR LanguageMicrosoft codebase with replacement for all non managed code and Mono accommodation
Unix File System Handling Support
Implementation of ps/top/uname for required values
PowerShell Module ManagementPowerShell Help InfrastructureWSMan implemented by Codeplex's WSMan.NET (Remote PowerShell execution)WSManSvc.exe Mono ServiceProcessImplementation of System.Diagnostics.Eventing
 PowerShell Module with a dozen of working cmdlets (modified version of 
Novell implementation to support byte[] and long properties)
CimCmdlets with a rewritten System.Management which implements couple of classes of Win32_   renamed to UNIX_
 implementation for OSX prefPane applications for "Control Panel"-like 
handling which allows to open prefPane from PowerShell
Modified System.ServiceProcess to list launchd services under OSX.
PowerShell Web Access through WSManPowerShell OData Provider (can attach netflix as a drive for example)
PowerShell OData WCF Service
PowerShell Sqlite ProviderModified Codeplex's Pscx (Community PowerShell Extensions)
Let's see if anyone is interested contributing to it.

What's missing:

Invoke-Method for System.Management via WSMan
Windows Azure PowerShell Cmdlets
and much more...

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