[Mono-dev] Latest Native Client Mono work - ready for review/pull

Elijah Taylor elijahtaylor at google.com
Sat Jan 26 00:37:47 UTC 2013

Hello Mono friends,

I've just put up a pull request for the latest in NaCl Mono changes:

As mentioned in the description, this does represent two years worth of
changes, but it's still relatively small.  If it would be easier to review
in parts I'm open to it (though I don't know if there is a logical
separation to do that), and I can answer any questions here or in the pull

One thing not explicitly mentioned in the pull request:

The NaCl Mono build is unnecessarily onerous and only works on Linux.
 We're really abusing autotools/configure badly for this target.  If we
could get this to look more like one of the other cross-target mono builds,
could spit out shared libraries, and could run the test suite like NaCl
Mono does now, it would be greatly appreciated. See the linked doc for full

An alternate proposal is that NaCl Mono could build without invoking
autotools and roll its own build.  This would obviously not be great from
a maintenance standpoint, but maybe it could be automated from the normal
configure and Makefiles.  Any input on improving the build is helpful.

We do have a continuous build that tests NaCl Mono and builds release
packages that are bundled with the NaCl SDK.  See it in action here:
http://build.chromium.org/p/client.nacl.sdk.mono/console.  I'd really like
to see my changes integrated into mono upstream and then target actual Mono
releases for release with the NaCl SDK, and also the Mono team
could continuously build NaCl targets.  If the build system for NaCl Mono
is improved, it is entirely possible most people could download the NaCl
SDK and compile Mono from source, which would be really great.

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