[Mono-dev] "Installing" mono via copy

Nikita Tsukanov keks9n at gmail.com
Fri Dec 13 19:05:40 UTC 2013

>>- set a custom prefix (and other stuff) during configure
That's the problem. It tries to look for mscorlib at
$prefix/lib/mono/blablablah instead of /usr/lib. Instead of using custom
prefix just configure it with normal (i. e. /usr) and use make install
DESTDIR=/path/to/temp/dir. It will install all files to that directory, and
you'll be able to create your tarball.

2013/12/13 Chris Tacke <ctacke at opennetcf.com>

> I have an embedded Linux platform on which I need to install Mono.  The
> platform does not have any installer tools like apt or whatever.  I have to
> custom build Mono for the platform for a variety of reasons.
> I am successfully building Mono from source under an Ubuntu machine.  That
> works just fine.
> The problem I'm now facing is how to "distribute" the resulting build.
>  Due to size contraints, I've compiled only the 4.5 stuff, plus I've pulled
> out a variety of things like System.Drawing,  all of the WinForms stuff,
> etc.  I've also stripped the binaries.
> What I did was:
> - set a custom prefix (and other stuff) during configure
> - make & make install.
> - Go into the install folder and trim out stuff I don't need and strip
> binaries
> So now I have a set of folders that contain Mono.  My hope was that I
> could tar these up, copy that to the destination, untar it in the /usr
> directory so that the mono bin files end up in /usr/bin, the mono lib files
> end up in /usr/lib etc.
> Doing this I success if I do a mono -V.  I get version info.  However, if
> I try to actually run a mono app, it complains about not finding
> mscorlib.dll.  It's looking in the path where I set the prefix back on the
> build machine.
> How should I be going about doing an installation like this?  What am I
> missing in my process?
> -Chris
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