[Mono-dev] "Installing" mono via copy

Chris Tacke ctacke at opennetcf.com
Fri Dec 13 15:39:57 UTC 2013

I have an embedded Linux platform on which I need to install Mono.  The platform does not have any installer tools like apt or whatever.  I have to custom build Mono for the platform for a variety of reasons.

I am successfully building Mono from source under an Ubuntu machine.  That works just fine.

The problem I'm now facing is how to "distribute" the resulting build.  Due to size contraints, I've compiled only the 4.5 stuff, plus I've pulled out a variety of things like System.Drawing,  all of the WinForms stuff, etc.  I've also stripped the binaries.

What I did was:

- set a custom prefix (and other stuff) during configure
- make & make install.
- Go into the install folder and trim out stuff I don't need and strip binaries

So now I have a set of folders that contain Mono.  My hope was that I could tar these up, copy that to the destination, untar it in the /usr directory so that the mono bin files end up in /usr/bin, the mono lib files end up in /usr/lib etc.

Doing this I success if I do a mono -V.  I get version info.  However, if I try to actually run a mono app, it complains about not finding mscorlib.dll.  It's looking in the path where I set the prefix back on the build machine.

How should I be going about doing an installation like this?  What am I missing in my process?


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