[Mono-dev] Patch sgen-stw.c update_current_thread_stack windows mono 3.2.1

Vardar Sahin sakirsoft at gmail.com
Sun Aug 25 14:02:39 UTC 2013

Hello Mono Team,

i found a bug which i want to submit a patch for.

The bug is in update_current_thread_stack in sgen-stw.c.

This line does not work as intended.

ARCH_STORE_REGS (reg_ptr);
memcpy (&info->regs, reg_ptr, sizeof (info->regs));

for some reason the pointer address gets the content of ebi register of the
cpu. So after
ARCH_STORE_REGS (reg_ptr);

reg_ptr directs to the content of ebi an loses its orginal pointer address.

Before that line reg_ptr  is defined as fallows:
void *reg_ptr = cur_thread_regs;

In theory it should work that way. But it does not.

The fix is pretty simple use cur_thread_regs instand of reg_ptr  and it

Best regards
Sahin Vardar
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