[Mono-dev] Failing to compile mono on Windows cygwin

Bryan Crotaz bryan.crotaz at silvercurve.co.uk
Sun Aug 25 11:43:14 UTC 2013

I've found a bug in mono, logged it, and created a unit test for it.  Now I
want to add the test to the Mono test suite, and fix it.

So I've now spent 2 days attempting to work out how to get cygwin to work,
ending up installing ALL the packages to get autogen to run successfully.

I'm now stuck.

I run make and get nothing.  No error, just a blank line and back to the
prompt.  I'm assuming this isn't correct.  What do I do to fix this?

Alternatively, where can I download a zip of the binaries and VS project so
that I can start adding tests and fixing bugs?

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