[Mono-dev] BitBlt from gdi32.dll

Francis Fisher lists.ximian.com at terrorise.me.uk
Fri Aug 16 10:45:01 UTC 2013

In order to get a windows .Net application running on Linux, I want to 
implement the SRCCOPY operation of BitBlt in gdi32.dll which just copies 
pixels without applying any transforms. It looks like this should be 
possible with a Cairo surface to surface copy, relying on the fact that 
libgdiplus's private implementation of hDeviceContext contains a pointer 
to the Cairo object - which seems to imply that this work should be done 
within libgdiplus rather than as a new libgdi32.

Any thoughts on the pros and cons of this? I'm kind of surprised if I'm 
the first person that's run into this issue (although maybe I'm not - 
when I search "mono gdi32", google thinks I am talking about monochrome 
bitmaps so maybe I just can't prior discussion on the subject...)

Frankie Fisher

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