[Mono-dev] mono-3.2.1 "make check" failures & sgen assertion

Charles Randall Charles.Randall at nirvanix.com
Wed Aug 14 20:35:54 UTC 2013

Continuing to dig into these failures, here is what I've found so far.

The majority of the bug-10127 test failures were due to bug 13604 and now resolves the assert in sgen-os-posix.c:60 and is already in the mono 3.2 branch and should be included in the upcoming mono 3.2.2.

The failures in sgen-weakref-stress were resolved in this fix which is planned to be in the upcoming 3.2.2,


The majority of delegate2 test failures are due to bug 7564. There is a workaround for this listed in the bug report.


That bug is pretty disturbing. Once you've determined you need the workaround, your application has already hung. If your application is critical to your business that's a tough lesson to learn.

The discrepancy between my observed "make check" failures and the "all green" results of the monkey wrench automated tests appears to be because many tests are disabled for monkey wrench. See DISABLED_TESTS_WRENCH in mono/tests/Makefile for the details. Notably, bug-10127 is disabled.

Continuing these tests with the 3.2 branch and the second fix above.


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