[Mono-dev] NancyFX self hosting (HttpListener) locking up on linux

Alfred Hall ahall at ahall.org
Wed Aug 7 12:02:24 UTC 2013

Tried running it with sgen or boehm on 2.10? Worth trying both I think. Also how about 3.3 (master) ?
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From: Nikita Tsukanov <keks9n at gmail.com>
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Subject: Re: [Mono-dev] NancyFX self hosting (HttpListener) locking up on linux

I've rewritten my SCGI server to work with TPL directly instead of using async/await to make it run on mono 2.10. Then I've tried to run it with mono and mono 3.2 with System.Net.Sockets backend and to hammer it with jmeter. 500K requests without any lockups on Mono 2.10, lockup at 22164th request on mono 3.2. 

Server source code is still on GitHub - https://github.com/kekekeks/scgi-sharp

2013/8/7 Greg Young <gregoryyoung1 at gmail.com <mailto:gregoryyoung1 at gmail.com> >
I believe attaching a debugger changes things like optimizations from occurring (not positive but it does in clr)

On Wednesday, August 7, 2013, Nikita Tsukanov wrote:
Huh, it doesn't require debugger to be _attched_, just debugging subsystem initialized i. e. if I launch this program as a "debugger" it doesn't lock up.

public static void Main (string[] args)
  int port = 27042;
  if (args.Length != 0)
    port = int.Parse (args [0]);
  while (true)
    var vm = Mono.Debugger.Soft.VirtualMachineManager.Listen (new IPEndPoint (IPAddress.Loopback, port));
    vm.Resume ();
    vm.Detach ();

I'll use running with --debugger-agent=transport=dt_socket,address= <> as a temporary workaround since performance doesn't degrade a lot.

2013/8/7 Nikita Tsukanov <keks9n at gmail.com>
I suspect that the problem is actually with thread pool itself. I've created socket layer implementation using libevent (wrapped with Oars) and send/recv that utilizes thread pool for cases when it's unable to complete operation synchronously. It survives longer, but still locks up after a while. Same behavior with debugger - I'm unable to reproduce the issue when running under it. I also unable to grab thread stack traces, it prints "Full thread dump: " and nothing else.

2013/8/7 Greg Young <gregoryyoung1 at gmail.com>
We will see your test then as it will probably affect us as well

On Tuesday, August 6, 2013, Nikita Tsukanov wrote:
Greg, I've tried running my server with mono compiled from master (with pull request #703 merged in), still freezes after a while.

2013/8/7 Greg Young <gregoryyoung1 at gmail.com>
Do you have our pull req? We are stable after (and seriously read history of this list)

On Tuesday, August 6, 2013, Nikita Tsukanov wrote:
https://github.com/kekekeks/scgi-sharp - here is my SCGI server with host for NancyFx. If you run Sandbox.exe with --echo-server it will not use nancy infrastructure and will respond directly. It locks up after several thousands of requests under jmeter.

Simple nginx configuration:

location /
   include /etc/nginx/scgi_params;
   scgi_pass <> ;

Now I'm looking for alternative socket library to use it as a replacement for System.Net.Sockets.

2013/8/6 Greg Young <gregoryyoung1 at gmail.com>
Actually not that surprised we also found out file stream.flush(true) only works sometimes and ms never back supported it to actually work :)

On Tuesday, August 6, 2013, Alfred Hall wrote:
Yeah you're having exactly the same issues as I am. I'm surprised others haven't had this problem before. Not sure who works on this area of the mono codebase these days. If you got a minimal test case it may be worth us raising a Xamarin bug in bugzilla.
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Subject: Re: [Mono-dev] NancyFX self hosting (HttpListener) locking up on linux

Running with mono from master haven't helped.

And I'm not sure what the hell is going on, but I cann't reproduce the issue when running under... Monodevelop's debugger. It runs perfectly under it, but when I try to run the same binary from console (even with --debug option) it locks up or segfaults. Does anyone know what does it mean?

2013/8/6 Nikita Tsukanov <keks9n at gmail.com>
Great. It locked up with my more complex logic. 
Funny fact: NancyFx increases request processing time from 2ms to 70ms with the same echo response.
Another funny fact: with MONO_DISABLE_AIO I've got segfault.

Now I'll try to use build patched mono. Not sure that it's the same issue, because in my case it never tries to read and write simultane

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