[Mono-dev] NancyFX self hosting (HttpListener) locking up on linux

Andrii Nakryiko andrii.nakryiko at gmail.com
Sun Aug 4 08:59:44 UTC 2013


Mono had a race in its TCP code for a long time, which caused a lot of
troubles for our project because under heavy load  TCP async methods
eventually stop receiving completion callbacks. But luckily a pull request
fixing this problem with epoll/kqueue backends by my colleague was merged
in to master, see  https://github.com/mono/mono/pull/703

So you can try latest master and see if problem is gone, possibly this bug
is the cause of your problem as symptoms are very similar.
4 серп. 2013 04:17, "Alfred Hall" <ahall at ahall.org> напис.

> **
> Hi there.
> I'm running the NancyFX web framework in self hosting mode which is using
> HttpListener which basically means I deploy an executable and run it and it
> will start a webserver on localhost on a TCP port of choice. I then use
> nginx to proxy to it.
> I first ran my executable on my macbook pro and bombarded it with jmeter
> and it coped fine and no issues.
> I then deployed on my debian wheezy 64 bit linux box running on top of KVM
> using mono 3.2.0 and performed the same jmeter experiment. It locks up
> fairly quickly and wont take any new requests. I've tried using both sgen
> and boehm but they behave similarly although it seems to lock up faster
> when using sgen. I also tried enabling MONO_DISABLE_AIO but it doesn't
> make any difference.
> Anyone had similar issues?
> I tried using self hosted ServiceStack which also uses HttpListener and
> had similar issues so I'm finding it unlikely that the bug is in NancyFX
> itself.
> I tried installing mono 2.10.8 to check if this is a regression, but
> getting exactly the same results.
> Any idea how I can debug this further or what could be going on.
> Cheers,
> Alf
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