[Mono-dev] Revamped Syntax Highlighting System

Akshay Hebbar Y.S. akshayhebbarys at gmail.com
Sat Apr 27 11:38:20 UTC 2013


I was going through the project list and I liked 'Revamped Syntax
Highlighting System' very much. I wish to do this project as GSoC project.

I went through the code related to syntax highlighting and semantic
highlighting. Got to know how syntax highlighting happens using <Begin>,
<End> and <Word> constructs written in XML file. But had little difficulty
understanding the semantic highlighting.

For the revamped system, I would like to propose an approach for
  Syntax highlighting : As soon as the word is entered, it will be matched
by suitable regular expression.
  Semantic highlighting : Another thread will be running asynchronously and
parses the words together to give semantic meaning, [ a suitable efficient
parser has to be written for this]

I've pretty good knowledge about parsers, regular expression and I had
implemented LALR parser as mini-project last semester. [ Github

Please tell me whether I'm going in right path, and please guide me through
this project.

Thank you

Akshay Hebbar Y S

6th sem, PESIT-CSE
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