[Mono-dev] [GSoC 2013] Cocos3D for XNA project

Wasyl l.wasyl at gmail.com
Fri Apr 19 23:43:11 UTC 2013


   I'm Luke, CS student from Poland, and I'd like to participate in GSoC :)
I'm hesitant as to whether I'm the right person for Mono project  though :(
I'm very fond of C#, it's like honey for my keyboard. I've also tried XNA,
though only in 2d. I have no experience with Mono.
   However, I'd really like to get to know graphics in-depth, and think
I'll catch up on what I need to learn very quickly. I also have very basic
knowledge of Cocos.
   I'd like to ask you what do you think of such 'preparation', and maybe
what should I consider before applying for GSoC. Any tips appreciated :)

Best regards,

   Luke Wasylkowski
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