[Mono-dev] Apply a patch or install unstable version? And which?

APS dev.malst at apsystems.it
Thu Apr 18 10:39:24 UTC 2013

You're right, the patch has not been applied yet. I've to apply the 
patch to my sources.
Btw, how mono versions works?
The last stable version, according to the website is 2.10.9, every 
other versions after that is supposed to be unstable, am I right?
The last 2.1x version announced is 2.11.4. The 2.12 does not exists, 
it has been renamed to 3.0?
In one of his blog posts Miguel says that the trunk is merged only 
with working changes, so it should be less unstable than older 
unstable versions.
All these questions fall in the last one, for a production 
environment is safer to install 2.10.9, the last stable but without 
recent patches and, from today, with no more support or the 3.0.x, 
the beta version but fixed and checked?
Sorry for these banal questions but I've to plan upgrades and I would 
like to do the correct thing.

At 18:24 17/04/2013, Rafael Teixeira wrote:
>The bug is not 'Closed', so probably the patch wasn't reviewed and
>applied to sources, yet.
>Rafael Teixeira
>On Wed, Apr 17, 2013 at 11:43 AM, APS <dev.malst at apsystems.it> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I have a doubt caused by my ignorance on how mono versions are released.
> > I installed the latest stable release, 2.10.9 from sources and I fell into
> > the bug described here https://bugzilla.xamarin.com/show_bug.cgi?id=3004
> > I don't know if it's better for me to apply the patch to my code or to
> > install a later version. I saw non-documented versions like 
> 2.11.x, they are
> > unstable? Abandoned? Why they are not listed between the versions under
> > download page?
> > Thanks in advance for yout help.
> >
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