[Mono-dev] GSOC Proj: CSS Support, Make ASP.NET Awesome in Xamarin Studio, Color Scheme Editor, Awesome MonoDoc Editor

Mike Krüger mkrueger at xamarin.com
Mon Apr 15 11:42:42 UTC 2013


>   * Color Scheme Editor

Basically making a new editor that is awesome. Maybe you've ideas.

I would provide different methods of creating schemes.
+ A list based approach like we've now (but can be improved - atm we 
don't really support color fallback on UI level or palettes).
+ A preview based approach like studio styles
+ And a method where colors are auto generated - the user chooses let's 
say a front color & background color and the rest is generated using HSL 
giving good contrasts.
(It should be possible in this mode to set more colors)

Generally it's a small project - but it requires some creativity and 
even small projects can get big :)

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