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ASP.NET support in Mono/MonoDevelop seems to have stagnated since the
Novell era... creating a new MVC3 Razor project in MonoDevelop has never
worked for me and I just installed the latest Xamarin Studio on a Mac and
there was no option at all to build anything more recent that an MVC2
I and several others have logged bugs and issues relating to this over the
last years but they've mostly just sat undiscovered.

It would be absolutely awesome if we could develop modern .NET web apps
using pure mono libraries on Mac/Linux in Xamarin Studio but it seems to
need a lot of TLC.

ASP.NET is losing a lot of ground generally in the web development world
now because of the cost and availability of hosting and the fact most web
developers seem to be rolling on a Mac these days. If we had support for
the latest Microsoft web technologies in Mono/MonoDevelop I think that
trend could be reversed and it would drive sales for Xamarin too (use the
same database lookup code in your web app as you do on iOS, Android, WP8

There are other MVC frameworks out there of course, but pretty much all the
big third-party web applications use the MS frameworks.
What would really rock is to be able to run things like Orchard, Umbraco,
Kentico, etc on top of Mono.

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> On Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 12:26 AM, Rauf Butt <raufbutt at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Dear Team Mono,
>> I am a student based in UK. I read your ideas page and I am excited to
>> contribute in open source community through the platform of GSoC 2013.
>> I would like to enquire more about the project "Make ASP.NET Awesome in
>> Xamarin Studio" so I can start reading and evaluating it for the proposal
>> point of view. I understand that I would have to propose features for the
>> project. Should I start by trying out Xarmin studio? Where can I
>> download the latest build?
> Xamarin Studio is MonoDevelop + Xamarin addins, so u should be using MD
>> I would be grateful if you could please comment or share some pointers to
>> start working?
> Few ideas in my minds are
> Better debugging support for both asp.net webform and MVC
> Asp.net designer
> Make xsp as good as IIS express.
>> Looking forward!
>> Thanks,
>> Rauf
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