[Mono-dev] Anyone up for a chat on Mono?

Ludvig Gislason ludviggislason at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 21:17:52 UTC 2013

Hi guys!

My name is Ludvig Gislason, I'm studying .Net-development in Sweden and
loving it. I really love developing and I can't seem to clench this
monstrous thirst for understanding what's going on underneath all these
layers of abstractions.

I've been doing really good in school but I've always tried to dig a bit
deeper, reading books like K&R "C The Programming Language", "CLR through
C#", "C# in a nutshell" as well as following inspiring people like Ayende
(Oren Eini) and Jon Skeet.

I've always had an eye for Mono and I've been doing some MonoTouch and Mono
for Android development.

GSOC makes me want to explore the Mono platform in depth. If someone
involved in the project would be willing to chat with me for a little while
to discuss where the platform is heading I would feel honored.

Hope you are all well.
Sincerely, Ludvig Gislason
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