[Mono-dev] .NET Related implimentation for GSOC13

Diyoda Sajjana diyoda.sajjana at gmail.com
Tue Apr 9 04:26:38 UTC 2013

I am hoping to apply to work for Mono in GSOC13. I am in search of .NET
related work. I would like to discuss on the possible projects that has a
major focus on .NET. *Class Libraries and Bindings* is a good choice and I
would like to study on it and other possible ideas with a discussion in the
mailing list. Please help me to choose a project according to my expertise.

PS: I might not be in the right mailing list. Please forgive me if I'm
wrong and direct me to the right mailing list.

Thank you.


*Diyoda Sajjana Mannapperuma*

*Undergraduate *

*Department of Computer Science and Engineering*

*University of Moratuwa.*
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