[Mono-dev] To say hello and ask some questions about Mono...

Michał Smereczyński michal at aegis.org.pl
Sat Sep 29 15:27:19 UTC 2012

Hello there,
My name is Michael Smereczynski. I'm vice-chairman of Aegis - Polish 
open source software foundation (we pretend to be like Apache Software 
Foundation but now we are doing our job only in Poland).

Personally, I'm not a programmer (but I allways wanted to do something 
by myself - maybe in future). So if I'll ask You something stupid, 
please don't hurt me ;)

I am a man who comes from the assumption that the Linux users do not 
need to be evangelized in using and creating open source software. I 
dream that Windows users and programmers were so "open" as Linux users. 
that's why I became interested in .NET and C#. I'm interested in cloud 
computing solutions too, so I know Windows Azure, where developers using 
Windows platform have an easier life...

What is Mono status today? Is it posible to let Microsoft to help in 
developing Mono?

Best regards,

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