[Mono-dev] Saving registers in runtime op code implementations

Braddock Gaskill (Contractor) braddock.gaskill at apx-labs.com
Thu Sep 27 04:07:51 UTC 2012

Hello folks,
I am working on the port of Mono to the Tilera CPU.

I want to call a C function within an IR op code implementation in mono_arch_output_basic_block(), in one case to emulate floating point division, for example.  I need to save the caller-saved registers before I make the function call - I have 30 of them on this architecture so I don't want to save them all, only the ones actually in use.

Is it safe to only save the caller-saved registers flagged in the MonoCompile->used_int_regs?  Does that represent all the registers possibly in use for that method? (I don't have separate floating point regs)

Braddock Gaskill
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