[Mono-dev] Doing dev under win?

Daniel Morgan monodanmorg at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 11 02:26:07 UTC 2012

Yeah, building Mono in Windows  is painful.  Linux is so much better.  I would use a Linux distribution that includes support for Mono, such as, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, or Debian.  There could be others, but I haven't tried them.

Virtual Box works with a Windows host and Linux guest very well.  Just make sure to install the additions in your Linux guest.  However, it could get slow building mono in a vm.  You might be better dual-booting.

Just curious.  What were the unimplemented features?

In my spare time, I've been playing with the Arduino UNO R3 microcontroller.  I love to see how I can fit that in with Mono and/or MonoDevelop.  But so far, I haven't.  I think the Netduino at one time looked into getting MonoDevelop to build Netduino sketches (programs).  I found playing with this microcontroller was a great way to learn (or re-learn) electronics.  So far, it has been very fun.  Even Radio Shack caries it.  And many places online too.

Anybody know what is up with the mono-patches mailing list?  I've been following this list for many years.

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Thanks..  I did compiling under CYGWIN months ago, but I always had 
issues getting it to work outside of CYGWIN when I built it in CYGWIN, perhaps 
that’s not worth the hassle of trying to figure out again...
Working with VirtualBox seems like it’s probably the better option.  I 
can probably find my own way here, since I’m somewhat comfortable with the Linux 
command line.  I’ll avoid compiling outside of Linux I guess.
My primary interest lies in keeping busy when I have nothing else to 
do.  I originally had an idea for a mono project months ago, that is a 
project which uses mono (for my own use, not for public consumption), but then I 
ran into some unimplemented or incompatible features or just bugs, and 
redirected my efforts for a while into trying to help mono along by looking at 
the bug report database and that was another way to keep busy for a while – it 
seemed much more fun to contribute to the project than what I was doing.  
I’m not sure how involved I’ll become.  I don’t want to engross myself in a 
proejct so much that I stop going to the gym, or reading as a past time for 
example.  But I do want something to do in those in between times.
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  You can get Mono Tools for testing Mono on Windows. I 
haven't tried it in a while though, as I ran into many issues with its debugging 

Alternatively, a command line just running mono --debug does 
the job. It's fairly compatible with MS.NET so you can just debug there and run 
on Mono.

If you mean developing *Mono*, I compile on Linux and copy that 
to Windows. Never been able to compile Mono in Windows, but the cross-compile 
works and that's sufficient.

For a VM download VirtualBox. Works great, 
and you can share a folder between the two for cross-compiling Mono.

me know if you have any other questions, be glad to help with whatever. I use 
Mono on Windows nearly every day, so :)


On 9/10/2012 4:39 
PM, Rob Wilkens wrote:

Is there a faq or getting started page for development of mono under  windows.  I know some of it probably requires cygwin, and i would like to  also use visual studio, and may even set up a linux virtual machine. I am  hoping there is a getting started guide.    direct url not  required, just tell me roughly how to find it.
>The last few weeks I've been working on being comfortable in win8..   now I would like to try and get some work done with it.  Sorry for  screwing up regex speed with that poorly thought out fix, but I think I've  gotten past my embarrassment and would love to be back working on bug reports  and maybe eventually bigger projects.  
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