[Mono-dev] Do You (Mono developers) have some wish list?

Thomas Winans tom at associable.net
Sun Oct 7 16:27:03 UTC 2012

I would like to see workflow frameworks ...

On 10/6/12 11:56 AM, "Michał Smereczyński" <michal at aegis.org.pl> wrote:

>Hello again,
>As I write in previous thread, Our fundation is thinking how we can
>support Mono project. We are talking about Mono project with MS and with
>other dvelopers. And question is:
>Do You have some wish list for Microsoft or for developers at all
>(developers able to participate in Mono)?
>We are trying to build such a list and when it will be done, we will try
>to encourage MS and devs to cooperate.
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