[Mono-dev] mono_string_new and corrupted strings

Bartosz Przygoda bprzygoda at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 11:44:53 UTC 2012


I'm using *mono_string_new *function to generate strings for my embedded
runtime. Due, to some bug, the char array I attempted to convert was
containing certain characters that caused the utf conversion to fail.

Now, I'm aware that it is the problem with my app, but is there some safe
equivalent for string object creation? Or maybe something should be changed
in the way the eglib libraries are used to convert the strings?

Should I rather (in such situations), use some managed callback to create
string from bytes?

PS. The troubling string is: Ðþìî÷íàÿ {-48,-2,-20,-18,-9,-19,-32,-1}
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