[Mono-dev] How scaleable is Mono?

Jordan Earls earlz at lastyearswishes.com
Sun Nov 18 06:56:18 UTC 2012

I'm wondering the same thing. I just run a small low traffic blog, but
when I got published on a major website, my web server's load barely

For reference, it went from 150 people/day to 1000+ people/day for a
while, but the only indication in stats was a 2% rise in CPU usage for
the major period of increased traffic.

Of course, I also don't use Vanilla ASP.Net either. (
https://bitbucket.org/earlz/barelymvc ). Either way, I suspect for a
well written web application, you shouldn't have any problems scaling
with Mono that you wouldn't have with .Net (of course watching out for
the differences with IIS and apache/mod_mono though)

On Sat, Nov 17, 2012 at 5:58 PM, Frank Cohen <frankenspank at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am running mono under apache2/mod_mono.  Currently using it for some low
> traffic sites, but I am wondering, does it scale?
> Anyone have a list of case studies using it?
> Thanks in advance,
> Frank
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