[Mono-dev] Presentation Framework

Alistair Leslie-Hughes leslie_alistair at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 14 10:20:46 UTC 2012

Hi Atsushi,

On 14/11/2012 4:11 AM, Atsushi Eno wrote:
> Hi,
> We wouldn't bring WPF into mono tree unless it becomes usable and solid
> to some extent. There may be incomplete libraries but that does not
> justify bringing extraneous components into mcs build.
> Actually I don't think there is considerable difference between mono and
> olive to create patches. But if you really have reason, share it, I'm
> personally all ears :)
Any chance on getting the olive tree updated to the latest mono?  Or
instructions on how to pull the specific patches for WPF support into my 

Best Regards
  Alistair Leslie-Hughes

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