[Mono-dev] Equivalent of csc /link for mcs (COM interop)?

Marek Safar marek.safar at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 17:41:11 UTC 2012

Hi Peter,

In investigating the ability to drop in mcs as a replacement for csc
> (currently trying out mono 2.11.4), I've run into issues in compiling
> things from some Microsoft C# 4.0 code samples that involve COM
> interop.  Here's a simplified example:

COM has never been high on our priority (quite opposite to be honest), you
can expect few more issues to be discovered.

This leads me to two questions:
> (1) Is there any plan to support an equivalent of csc -link (aka
> /link)?  Or is there some other work-around I don't know about?

You are the first one using this feature and reporting it. Please fill a
bug report.

> (2) It appears that the "is not supported by the C# language"+"cannot
> be assigned to" issue a bug.  Is that correct?  (If so, I can file
> it.)
> Correct, this looks like compiler bug.

> And a bonus question:
> (3) For general C# language issues where csc willingly compiles
> something that is arguably not adherent to the language spec, but mcs
> rejects it, does the Mono team consider that a valid bug or
> enhancement request?  (Is there a "duplicate Microsoft's bugs" mode
> for mcs?)

It really depends on the specific case. We trying to be highly compatible
with csc even in cases where C# standart is ambiguous or unclear. There are
few special cases where we are compatible with C# standard but not with
Microsoft C# compiler but they are all very special corner cases.

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