[Mono-dev] The earlier question about monodevelop and latest mono builds, expanded

Rob Wilkens robwilkens at gmail.com
Tue May 29 01:07:06 UTC 2012

--this is unrelated to my immediately previous e-mail, that e-mail was 
about a bug report by someone else that i had a question on--

Ok, I earlier this morning reported that under my parallel mono 
environment (local build) monodevelop runs but it has no top level menu 
(No File, Run, etc.)...  At least on my computer..

I decided to try an interesting (to me) experiment: Running it under KDE 
on the same ubuntu 12.04 install.

Guess What: The menu was there on monodevelop in KDE when running under 
the parallel mono environment.

IT doesn't display in either Unity or Unity 2d..

Menu works in unity in previous mono versions (prior to latest git).

Should I file a unity bug on this?  Or just switch to KDE when i need it 
and ignore the issue?


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