[Mono-dev] Mono JIT Init for two different versions

Dimitri Kirsanoff dimitri.kirsanoff at gmail.com
Tue May 22 14:27:46 UTC 2012

I want to initialize different mono run time (different version of mono
like 2.8, 2.11)  in a single process.
One application package is using mono-2.8 run time and other application is
using mono-2.11 run time.

I am trying to initialize mono two times for two different versions, i.e.
two different versions of the library.
To try that I found that getting dlsym function pointers from sharedobject
and calling function pointer to "mono_jit_init" may make it work.

But here scenario seems to be bit different, as I need to initialize mono
library for two different versions in same process

The call hierarchy of call is as following

libmono-2.so (alternately for 2.8 and 2.11)

Using my application I am initializing monoruntime share objects using
mono_jit_init for version 2.11, but there is another version 2.8 for that
another mono_jit_init call is needed.
For calling mono_jit_init I am using dlsym for mono_jit_init. I want to
know can I do it for two different versions in one process.

Can I use mno_jit_init call twice so that I can initialize two versions ( I
am using 2.8 and 2.11 ) alternately?

Instead of mono_jit_cleanup I am using mono_runtime_unload api as
mono_jit_cleanup calling from a function is giving me abrupt crashes.
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