[Mono-dev] Submitting patch?

Rob Wilkens robwilkens at gmail.com
Tue May 1 15:55:45 UTC 2012

Ok, I looked up the 'selfish' way to submit a patch from the 
contributing section, and i think the below suffices as a patch, does 
anyone disagree?

I am referring to : http://www.mono-project.com/Contributing towards the 
bottom of the page where it simply says to submit the patch to the 
mailing list.

Does the below suffice as a "patch" or should i figure out the 'github' 
way which i thought i saw elsewhere.


On 05/01/2012 11:49 AM, Rob Wilkens wrote:
> I found out the fix for the error i reported with multiple invalid
> login attempts...  It's very simple...
> Mono.Data.TdsClient.TdsConnectionPool.cs
> In the above file, in GetConnection(), either before:
> goto retry
> or after the initial
> retry:
> (either place should be fine)
> result needs to be set to null -- that is:
> result=null;
> (in my testing, i put it before goto retry)
> Otherwise, it keeps retrying because result has never been reset
> before the while loop you are trying to enter.
> I guess my next step is figuring out how to navigate github so i can submit it.
> Sorry for being so public and crowding the mailing list with this.  If
> someone else wants to volunteer to submit the patch for me, please
> speak up.  I'll otherwise figure it out.
> -Rob

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