[Mono-dev] .net/mono inconsistency

Rob Wilkens robwilkens at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 15:32:28 UTC 2012

If you don't want this forgotten, i'd suggest filing a bug report in
addition to reporting it here --


If it doesn't have a constructor in mono implemented it may be an
incomplete implementation in which case it may be a bigger project than
just creating a constructor and assigning it public.


On 07/13/2012 11:23 AM, Matthias D. wrote:
> Hey,
> I'm porting a .net application to mono and I noticed a small
> inconsistency in System.Diagnostics.DefaultTraceListener. In .net this
> class has a public constructor and in mono it has only a private one
> (none in the source code). Its nothing critical for me (as the
> workaround was simple) just want to inform you guys here.
> Matthias
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