[Mono-dev] Building XSP on MacOSX?

Rob Wilkens robwilkens at gmail.com
Sun Jul 1 03:00:01 UTC 2012

Just want to add -- I was using xsp wrong on macos because i was
unfamiliar with it.  I just tonight tried it on linux with a fully
downloaded version of a website i did (ghettogarage.net) using asp.net
4, and it worked relatively well in reproducing an exact image of the
windows hosted site (it's not a very complicated site, but it uses ms
sql server and some other things which were easy in .net and i'm glad
worked with mono).

Apparently, while html files which i was testing can be hosted with
xsp, asp.net files may have been required to reach the debug points i
was trying to reach.

So, it may have been using my development version of mono, i don't
know yet.  i have to transfer a copy of the site to my mac before i
can really test.  If it works, i might pick up some of the bug reports
on the web aspects of mono as well to work on.  I might try doing that
(the transfer) overnight as with the pictures and (inaccessible due to
laziness on my part) videos take time to transfer.

However, again, if anyone has any idea what i should do about the
syntax errors in the configure script on MacOS, I'd appreciate help.


On Fri, Jun 29, 2012 at 9:50 PM, Rob Wilkens <robwilkens at gmail.com> wrote:
> I managed to get XSP to build on MacOSX but it was not pretty.
> When i downloaded it from git (git at github.com:mono/xsp) autogen was
> failing at the configure script.  What i did was just comment out the
> parts that were failing, then build and install and i was left with a
> working fresh compiled XSP.
> I had another issue though: It wasn't using my development version of
> mono (which the environment variables were pointing at), it was using
> (it appeared) the system-wide installed version.  That probably had
> something to do with the lines i commented out of the configure script
> which had to do with detecting mono and mono installed assemblies.
> I think i saw the latest patch to XSP was 4 months ago, so i wonder if
> it's still being maintained or no one knew of the mac issues, or, more
> likely, i'm missing a parameter to autogen.sh (I didn't _see_ anything
> about it in a README but i might've missed it).

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